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The plate also makes the shoe surprisingly stiff like, stiffer than you could possibly imagine. I got the chance to handle the shoe at Nike HQ in New York last week, and I found this to be the single most striking element of a shoe that's pretty damn striking on the whole. According to Nike, the shape and stiffness of the plate encourages propulsion. Bret Schoolmeester,Senior Director of Global Running Footwear for Nike, said it makes you feel as if you're tumbling forward. The final, and most visuallystriking feature of the shoe is its aerodynamic heel, which takes the shape of a pronounced point on the back of the midsole, like a shark fin. Now, the bad news: you will never own a pair, as they're not being released commercially. But some slightly scaled-back versions of it are available. Read More The Vaporfly 4% is the closest you'll get to the Elite, and it's certainly nothing to sneeze at. It comes equipped with the same ZoomX foam technology and carbon-fiber plate, plus a less severe point on the back of the heel. Though it's been under tight wraps until today, the Vaporfly Elite has actually been making the rounds, covertly, on the international marathon stage for some time now. Elide Kipchoge won last year's London Marathon in an early version of the shoe, in a time of 2:03:05 just eight seconds behind the world record. And Kipchoge isn't the only one who's been putting them through their paces. "We swept the podium in Rio," said Schoolmeester.

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casual date in Los Angelescasual date in Los Angeles

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