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?truth Or Treat

Andrea knew she should stop Maria did not know how far it should go, but it was too good and she just relaxed as Maria pushed halter top breasts. If Mary's hand felt good to firm, pale body, then her mouth was amazing. Andrea was running his hands through the hair of Mary as a girl threw her tongue on her long, pale nipples. There was no hiding her excitement and Andrea began to care. Whether you guys have to show whether they would like to. Although it was not fair that Andrea was the whole show, so he pushed Maria's costume from her shoulder and peeled it under the breasts. Big D-cups Andrea stain hands, though hardly contain it. Mary grease nipples were almost dark brown, and then concentrated in Andrea pulled on them. Maria's body still bore the tan lines from summer and contrast brighter skin around them only from the nipples seem darker. Andrea Maria's grasp and rolled her nipples and crushed her breasts in his hands and Maria locked lips over Andrea's nipples and sucked as she moaned.

Maria moved so that was kneeling over Andrea on the couch. This gave the blond genie great access to her breasts and she most of it, sucking and licking fat, dark nipples. Maria Andrea's kept his mouth against her and moaned softly, "Mmm, that's it, bite them, oh yes, a little rougher." Andrea was really getting into it, nipping in Marie's nipples and stretching out, and then left to return to jiggly body. Maria Andrea pushed back on the couch and leaned over and kissed her. Mary's knees between her legs and Andrea is a country in Andrea's cunt. She tried to pull the legs closed, but could not, and still the wonderful Maria pressure. At that moment he locked lips Andrea Maria's chest to muffle her moans as much as anything else. Being horny all night catching up with her and she felt her control slipping away. Andrea stopped trying to terminate her legs and now are pushing back against Mary's knees. Maria sank lower, again devouring Andrea breasts and now Andrea leg was caught between Maria's legs. Andrea felt Mary's bare pussy rubbing against her and slim harem pants not block Mary moisture at all. Andrea glad that Maria was just as turned on as she was. While Maria Andrea sucking nipples sticking her hand and rubbed Andrea's pussy. "Ohhh ...." Andrea moaned, pushing the hand of Mary. Maria rubbed harder and Andrea material in small lacy panties were pushed between her pussylips and Andrea moaned even louder, her pussy on fire.

Seth just could not believe it. He thought that girls could do, or something, but this? There was no way he thought his wife would go so far with another woman, especially with Jared in the room, but there it was. He was still witness each person's imagination. And what's even better was that he got to see Maria too, his wife had been fantasizing about for so long. Maria's breasts looked as good as Seth thought that his penis throbbed for relief when his wife sucking her nipples. While Andrea's was long and thin, Maria had fat, thick nipples and Seth could say that I liked to handle rough. Maria gave the hand inside Andrea harem pants and the material was so see through both Seth and Jared saw Maria's fingers pushing Andrea panties aside. Andrea, not to be left behind, pulled to the bottom of Mary's costume and reached between her legs. Seth found Maria's pussy, all nicely decorated, with puffy lips is very sexy. He would give anything to be able to sink his penis between the lips. Slender fingers of his wife that their friction and Seth felt envy. Seth could also still see the hand of Mary's work on Andrea's cunt. Maria had two fingers pushing into Andrea while she sucked her nipples and more, who became Andrea got Seth saw that Mary rubbing pussy less and less. Seth knew his wife began to lose it when he got close to cumming and amazingly Seth thought Maria was about to make his wife cum here in front of everyone. It certainly was not Andrea Donovan was married p

"Oh god ... oh god ... ohgodohgodhogodohgod ... Oh my God!" Andrea cried out as she came, her pussy grip in the fingers and gushing Mary. Mary pulled his mouth from her breasts and kissed her passionately as she rode the wave of her orgasm. Finally, tremor, Andrea descended. She covered her breasts back. It took another moment or two before she slipped from Maria and returned to the ground beside her husband.

Jared actually applauded. He leaned over and kissed Mary. When she tried to pull his costume back, but it stopped Jared and Maria left him. "Very well, it was awesome Andi, honey. Did not know you had it in you."

Andrea was completely red face, but there was nowhere to hide, so you just had to sit there and take it. Nevertheless, she sat in silence. She was most upset with herself released so easily. But she was horny all night and Mary's touch felt so good. By the way, she just sat quietly.

"Well, should we go next?" Seth asked lamely. It was obvious that the game has reached a turning point, and when he went now go to the territory that was uncharted for all of them. Seth wanted to move on. He knew that the risk taking, but at this point he was willing to go wherever the game went. It seemed that after what just happened Andrea was quite open too, but he could not be sure.

Everyone else said they are ready to move on, with the exception of Andrea. She felt is waiting for her. She was so torn. Her body was telling her to go away, she wanted to know what would happen next, but her mind was screaming at her to stop before she does something like regret. "Come on, Andy, you can not stop now, the game is just that good. Can not be the only one to have fun." That Andrea pushed over the edge and she clenched her teeth and said, "Okay, let's go." She turned to her husband and asked the titular question and asked to treatment. Andrea was ready to give him just that. Let's see how far Jared really wants to go, she thought. "Well, first of all, I think we are at anything goes stage. Jared? Nobody can back out?"

Jared looked at his wife and then Seth. Andrea smiled when she saw him hesitate for a second. Cracks in the wall? But then Jared nodded and said, "Let the adventure, I heal, no one backs out. Done?" They all nodded.

"Very well. Seth, because I know that you liked what you saw, especially because it is not possible to keep your eyes on them, I want you to go to Mary and get as close as it can, but She can touch your own will. Maria, however, can do anything he wants to tease you. "Andrea said to her husband. He looked very shocked that his wife had told him to do it, but he got up and walked over to Mary. Andrea looked as Jared was to take it, but he showed no reaction.

Maria, on the other hand, looked really fun. Her costume was still around her waist as she stood up from the couch and told Seth to sit on it. She playfully threw her husband a kiss and straddled Seth's lap, holding her breasts in his hands. Seth held his hands on his hips, but Andrea could tell that it was a real effort. She knew that her husband hated the passive way, and the fact that it was the first new pair of breasts he decided to join him for ten years only made it worse. Andrea just felt a little bit jealous and wondered why he felt more. In fact, she felt he woke again, he watched Maria taunt her husband with her breasts. But it was more of Jared to her than her husband. She wanted to see, that is not the only one who could be performed. What would Jared feeling to see his wife teasing her breasts with Seth? Maria said Seth to open his mouth, and just when he thought he could kiss those big balls, pulled away and giggled. Then he took her breasts and grabbed Seth's face between them, suffocate him. Andrea heard Seth furiously slurping for taste, but Maria has denied it again. Andrea saw that Maria was rubbing her bare pussy against Seth's crotch. Andrea hoped that her husband did not embarrass myself cumming in his pants. Finally, Maria gave Seth a treat and remove one of those fat nipples into his mouth and sucked on it like a newborn. Maria shook her head back and moaned, "Ohhh baby, yesss ..."

Seth felt Maria humping her bald pussy against his crotch and he felt her wet heat directly through his pants. Teasing and made him nuts when Maria finally relented caught the nipple between his teeth, as if it never let go. And depending on how desperate Maria humping him Seth could tell Maria liked it. He did not care that her husband was sitting half a meter. Hey, his wife told him to do it! What you got to Andrea? It was a foolish thought he knew, but it almost seemed as if playing chicken with Jared. As long as he kept both advantages such as the fact that it was one.

There was a mini tug of war, but Seth released Mary's breast from her mouth and she told him it was over. However, instead of Seth get up sitting on the floor next to Andrea, her breasts still exposed. "Hmm, thanks, Andi. It was great," said Maria Andrea.

Seth turned to Jared and Jared heal. Jared did not seem upset at what just happened with Mary, to Seth thought it would be cool and really give Jared heal, but had trouble thinking about something. He did not come up with something lame. Finally he said: "Well, I know that when we were younger, we always joked around about who was the greatest. Now it's time to settle it. Know how great I am. Want you to ruler and then you have to choose one of the dam, which will help you to measure.

It only took a few seconds to load Jared ruler. Of course, the cocky bastard was brought back scale, said: "This should do." When he was nice and settled on the couch again Jared crooked finger at Andrea and said, "Come on Andy, I need your help with something." Andrea looked uneasy as she approached Jared. She was kneeling on the floor next to Jared on the couch. "And now," he told her, "I have a good showing here, so make sure you get me as hard as you can.'s Not it, Seth?"

Seth saw Andrea looked at him with uncertainty in his eyes, but he just nodded and said, "Yeah, what is needed."

Jared pulled a kilt with no bones and it looked like it hard enough. Seth wants to avert his eyes, he really had no desire to see Jared's prick, but found he could not turn away, he watched Jared to take his wife's hand and placed it on his penis. Andrea touched him gently, like a child cuddling a shy animal, but Jared said, "Come on, Andy, that's not on the job. Do not worry, it will not hurt you, too." Andrea's hand looked very small next to Jared's penis. He was a giant, but with a little bit of jealousy Seth could say that it was bigger than his. Andrea became bolder and went from just touching her, stroking her and then wrapped her fingers around the shaft. She could barely closed his hand around its perimeter. She slowly violently up and down, Jared said, "That's better. Do it like this, just a little fast. Hmmm, stronger ... yeah, Andi." Seth could see his wife more and more into it, and he acknowledged that look of hunger in his eyes and Andrea scared him a little. Seth knew his wife well and knew what that look meant. Andrea was lifting off faster Jared and his penis seemed to grow a little more.

Andrea Jared looked into your eyes, man, he never really liked, who she always thought something like a pig, in fact, and saw him looking at her with desire and Andrea hated, but she knew that her eyes were shipping the same back. Jared did not like her at all, but she could not help but respond to the situation, his raw sexuality. She felt the fee when she touched his penis before, and she felt it again now, only stronger. She could not help but wonder what it thick penis may feel like it. Seth could get upset if it seemed too much for what it does, but it got so that she could surprise. The method of their sex life was recently Andrea felt that he could not be blamed for responding to Jared's strong sexuality. But she was angry with herself responding as well. God, her pussy was so wet. Jared shaft felt so hot in my hand, part of the friction was creating. Andrea pushed her tail back, he leaned forward and spat into her hand several times. It made things much slicker and she was able to give Jared really good hand job. She wanted to get away because she hoped would destroy the superior smirk on his face. But he also realized that a smile is a big part of what turns it. She never thought in a million years, she will do it, that jerk. But here was on his knees, pushing him more and more excited than her husband managed to keep her at a certain time. She leaned closer, they may just think that it will suck at it, but blowing air over the head of his penis. Jared shuddered and groaned, "Damn Andi, I'll blow my cork."

"So I can now better measure than diminishes," said Andrea grabbed a meter. Her guess was close. Jared was a little over eight inches and a very nice couple. When measurements were taken Andrea laughed and threw down kilt, saying, "You better cover this thing up." Of course, he was joking, but Andrea's what I want to apply, because when he looked at it, it can come in control again.

Andrea returned to his seat with a satisfied look on his face and sat. It would be Jared she did not back down. View Seth's face told Andrea that her husband was turned on and a little confused by it.

"Maria, a girl, what do you want?" Jared asked his wife.

"Heal, of course." Maria replied.

"Since you're here Andi off, and I do not think you can deny that I want to marry you."

Maria lay on the ground and Andrea crawled over her. Not wasting any time, Andrea grabbed Maria's costume, and if you pulled it off the way the rest. Andrea knew how the game is now, it was quite clear how she sharply away Jared, and Andrea was determined to get it to herself after completion leave for one night. Andrea began again to kiss Maria as she toyed with her nipples, but quickly moved his hand down Maria's belly with her nicely trimmed pussy. Andrea found her wet and immediately sank two fingers into Mary's cunt. Black-haired woman screamed and thrust your hips to Andrea probing fingers. Her hands were around Andrea and she kissed her back. Andrea broke away from Maria's lips and then gave each nipple a nice, long hard suck before kissing her way further down. Andrea stopped kissing Maria thigh and it was enough to make her breath, as it was to tease Maria. Andrea has never had a woman before and while she wanted to do to Maria off with her tongue, she was still a little worried. Only a pussy would ever tasted to this point was her own. Strong smell of Mary Andrea excitement filled the senses and heard splashing wet from his own fingers swirling in and out of Mary's cunt. Maria groaned and writhed all over the carpet, reaching down and stroking Andrea's hair as she not-so-gently steer blond mouth on her pussy.

Mary's lips were so swollen and glistening with her juices and Andrea stuck her tongue out and lapped at them. Andrea found that like the taste. While it's not exactly like her own, Maria tasted a little stronger and Andrea thought that tasted a little sweeter, it was nice and Andrea especially liked how Maria shouted her name when her tongue touched. Andrea still licking the lips of Mary and her fingers and Maria was going so wild that Andrea was afraid that I would go into convulsions. She knew that Maria must be a couple in bed. It also turned Andrea on any end to know the effect that watching her go down on Maria has had to be boys. Andrea drove her tongue into Maria together with your fingers, and he knew that Maria was very close to cumming. "GGGGOOOODDDD ANNNNDDIII!" Exclaimed Maria.

That was about all he could take Seth. Now he knew that Andrea was crazy. Not that it mattered, in fact, had to get some relief soon, or that they had a serious case of blue balls on their hands, but it is not a woman, lived S. Andrea was not boring in any sense, but it is a woman who not usually dress up all sexy and now is going down on another woman in front of him and another man. It was too good to be true. But that was not all. Just moments before Andrea was masturbating his longtime friend, a guy who knew he could not stand in front of everyone gathered too. Maybe there was something in the drink. Whatever it was, Seth knew it better be fucking his wife Maria, and soon. Andrea was acting like a bitch and do something about it really turned to her husband.

Mary was sucking wet cunt and gave a cry of lamentation last before reaching orgasm. Andrea She pulled her hair and called her name again and again as a soldier Andrea lapped by the flow of juice that comes from it, with a deep sigh, until Maria finally settled. When she, Maria Andrea's face pulled back and kissed her on another woman, much like her juice glass Andrea's face.

The game quickly break, while they strengthened their drinks. Seth hoped that it would give a chance to talk with his wife, but she went to the kitchen for a drink with Mary, while the men stayed in the living room.

"So, how about it all?" Jared asked his friend.

"I must say that I am impressed. I knew you threw wild parties, but nothing like this."

"Yeah, I thought that something like this would happen. Is not it great?"

Seth paused and then said, "Yeah, that's great.'m Just surprised, that's all." He did not bother to finish the sentence, but apparently did not need.

"Yeah, who would have thought that Andi's such a wild cat? Damn. Are you ready to go on with it, I think it could go all the way." Jared said.

Seth still was not sure how he felt about the idea of ??seeing Jared actually fucking his wife. The sight of her jerking his cock, and of course very proud of, was uncomfortable enough. But he could not get an idea of ??how to finally take Maria out of his mind that said, "I will go so far as to Andrea.'s All up to her."

Jared laughed. "Then it's game on."


Women returned and handed out drinking. Barely moments in the kitchen, that should make his own replacement.

Andrea was quite surprised when Maria hugged her and kissed her deeply in the kitchen. It was not part of the game, after all. But despite her nagging fears Andrea fully returned the kiss. He seemed a little strange to her that Maria even bother to put anything on and it did Andrea and embarrassed to wear skimpy outfits. "Thank you for being so wonderful," said Maria Andrea, kissed her again. "It was great for me," Andrea said, and meant it.

"I just wanted to make sure that you and Seth are not scared by everything. Jared and I have played games like this before with other friends, although none of them went so far before."

"I can not speak for Seth, although I think I could guess what he was thinking., I'm fine with it, just a little shocked by my behavior, I think."

Maria Andrea kissed her again and said, "As long as you enjoy yourself just go with it. Nobody is going to judge. We are willing participants, no? And if you want to stop at any point just say that there will be no hard feelings. "

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